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Welcome to Dajer engineering Pty Ltd, metal engineering at its best in the Mornington Peninsula specialising in all metal work. We source the best materials to produce the best product as required by our clients. We have years of experience, nationally and internationally from many different fields. We do what others can’t and we do it well to meet the needs of our customers. We utilise our range of machines that can not be sourced anywhere else on the Mornington Peninsula to help meet your needs. 

Dajer Engineering Pty Ltd
A little about what we do

We can do new and restore old parts, small or big for cars, trucks, boats, yachts, plant  and equipment, pumps, tools, excavators and forklifts,..plus more!

For all your Turning and Milling Engineering needs, call us for a professional, punctual & precise solution.

Custom made parts

Custom made parts

From panels to pulleys, to gears to levers. If you need custom made parts machined or molded we are one of the most capable and affordable sources.

Custom made parts


We cater to the manufacturing needs of all size businesses.

Design and Development

Design and Development

We help people and businesses turn their ideas into reality. 

No job too big or small

We pride ourselves in the work we do, helping local businesses achieve succeed. We are located in Mornington, Victoria and we look forward to dealing with you. 


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